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The 2016 Trijicon RMR is a Must-Have for Any Weapon

Flickr/Andrew Aquino

Red dot sights are useful for many reasons. The smaller they get, the more weapons you can put them on. See how the RMR is the toughest to beat.

The Trijicon RMR is a super lightweight red dot reticle that allows you to see a clear reticle without any posts or crosshairs. The eye naturally picks up the dot as the focus and allows the shooter to quickly point their weapon as if they had a laser on the actual object.

Lasers have been utilized previously for quick acquisition of targets, but have been pushed aside by red dots because the laser can give away a shooters position.

The RMR is a worthy contender for replacing iron sights on pistols and being utilized as a primary optic for most carbines. With a stable mount and slightly raised above the upper receiver, the RMR is very natural on the eye and does not require any eye relief like a scope would. The RMR also comes in amber and green (which i personally own), and also comes in different size configurations. To see the complete size list, check out their full configurations on the RMR page on Trijicon’s website.

The optic does come at a heavy premium. Prices range from $400-$700 for the optic alone, not including a mount. If you plan on mounting it on a pistol be ready to spend a little more for milling the upper slide. Also if the RMR is mounted on your pistol be ready to modify your holsters or order new ones. I had to do both (modify and order), and it basically added more to the expense. The RMR is worth it weight, especially in dimly lit rooms. You won’t regret the investment and the time in installation.

Stay vigilant in your practice.

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The 2016 Trijicon RMR is a Must-Have for Any Weapon