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2016 Patron Saint Mattis Holster: Blessed by the War Gods

IG/Vato Tactical

There is no doubt that Gen. Mattis is the supreme living Marine Corps General that Marines love.

Mad Dog Mattis is always right, and he has earned his seat amongst the USMC Legends. Gen. Mattis was the tip of the spear in the invasion of Iraq and subsequent battles that ensued after the toppling of Saddam's military.

Mattis was unapologetic when he met with the insurgency leader. When he spoke, Marines listened and carried out missions.

The artwork for this holster was made by Vato Tactical, and Kinetic Concepts Design is doing a very limited run of this kydex holster. If Mattis has motivated you at any point since 2003, you definitely know what the inspiration is behind this artwork.

The kydex holster will be available for most popular pistol platforms. Be sure to check out the website for possible launch dates. This is a limited run of 200 holsters only so you can definitely expect that there will be a fast demand. If you get your hands on one, then Saint Mattis will grace you with his presence in your chosen pistol size.

For those that are not Marines, you can definitely still get your hands on one, provided all the Marines that read this don't snatch it up right away.

Stay safe, keep training, and may Patron Saint Mattis be by your side when things take a turn for the worst.


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2016 Patron Saint Mattis Holster: Blessed by the War Gods