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Checking out the 2016 Matthews Archery Pro/Am Tournament

The 2016 Matthews Archery Inc. Archery Shooters Association (ASA) Pro/Am in Metropolis, IL is a weekend of fun, fellowship and lots of arrow throwing.

Here an archer, there an archer, everywhere an archer. If Old Farmer Matthews had a farm, we know what the pens would be full of. Archery is a more than a sport, it’s a lifestyle that is promoted and perpetuated through events like this.

The Archery Shooter’s Association began in 1993 as a catalyst for hosting both professional and amateur archers to compete at various levels of expertise. The fellowship offered as these events are second to none and only increases the feeling of community.

According to their website,  “If you are a target archer, bowhunter or just interested in getting started in archery, the ASA will provide you the opportunity to meet and share experiences with new friends, learn about the latest equipment, improve your archery skills, and spend time with great people.”

Competitions are available in both 3D and flat target style.

There are over 7000 members in over 300 chapters covering 30 states. There’s no doubt, if you want to shoot you can find a place to do it in the ASA.



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Checking out the 2016 Matthews Archery Pro/Am Tournament