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2016 Henry Pump Action: Keep Your Hands Where They Belong

Pump action rifles are advantageous for those familiar with operating shotguns.

Henry Repeating Arms are famous for their top notch lever action rifles. So why bother with something thats not broken? The pump action feature of the rifle gives shooters one more avenue in training to shoot comfortably.

The rifle must be pumped before you can begin feeding the ammunition from the tube fed magazine. The rifle pump is short action and does not require you to rack the pump all the way to the rear.

The trigger is light and does not have a lot of slack trigger travel. Single action triggers are installed on the Pump Action. As you can expect, the other materials on the rifle are phenomenal. The steel is finished very smoothly. The octagonal barrel is featured on this rifle and you can definitely expect the barrel to keep the 22LR tamed as it exits to its intended target. The pump action is phenomenal in its application for training every day shooters.

For those citizens living in restricted states you can definitely expect that the Henry Repeating Arms pump action in 22LR is going to get approved. Great for many applications such as critter removal and for even training for home defense scenarios you can make your marks easily with this rifle.

The pump action is reliable and feeds just about any 22LR or 22 rimfire cartridge that you can feed it. Henry Repeating Arms does also offer a 22Magnum version and its just as reliable as this rifle is. Keep training and stay safe.


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2016 Henry Pump Action: Keep Your Hands Where They Belong