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Blue Force Gear Debuted Updates to Classic Products at SHOT Show 2016

Blue Force Gear is releasing some updates to their current gear list for 2016.

While at SHOT Show 2016, I was able to meet with Maegan of Blue Force Gear, and she was able to present the new materials and colors for the Vickers Tactical Sling.

The New ULoop is a much-awaited addition to the Vickers line of tactical slings because it’s designed to fit all eyelets and sling mounts on almost all weapons. The ULoop allows the Vickers sling to be added to just about any rifle including bolt action, and lever action rifles.

Also, there’s no need to worry about buying other slings when you get the ULoop.The ULoop is made of a nylon-coated stainless steel braided cable and it allows you to use the weapon without any added noise from the contacts of the sling.

Vickers ULoop
Vickers ULoop

The Vickers slings themselves also were updated with their new arid and tropical climate color schemes. The BFG team added some new pouches for their tactical belts, and for their line of tactical backpacks.

The BFG dump pouch also adds some fast storage capability to expended magazines. The pouch folds nicely and since the material is very thin, it stowed away discretely. I see great applicability for those officers or operators who need to remain covert while also maintaining quick fast access to a dump pouch.

BFG Dump Pouch
BFG Dump Pouch

The new clear Dapper pouches, are brilliant. They allow you to quickly see the gear stored inside the pouch. I see these pouches benefiting Army combat medics, and Navy Corpsman greatly as they can see and identify the stuff they need without digging into each separate pouch.

The pouches are also very relevant for platoon commanders as they can keep their gear organized and still be able to see critical maps and instruction sheets without having to pull papers or items out of the pouch.


Another large feature this year being incorporated to a lot of plate carriers is the position of the pouches. Manufacturers are allowing shooters to position pouches in a lot of new, creative directions besides just up and down. Traditionally, shooters would only place their magazines down inside their pouches and draw them straight up.

While that method was common place, the MOLLEminus pouches leave that choice up to the carrier. BFG’s MOLLEminus pouches aim to change that by incorporating multi-directional storage. Shooters can draw in any 90 degree motion they feel appropriate.


Here, Larry Vickers explains the lineup featuring new colors and some new hardware for submachine guns and rifle carbines in a bit more depth with extended SHOT Show 2016 coverage.

Thanks again to Maegan for working with us and showing us the materials in a clear fashion. The gear coming out will be beneficial to all who incorporate it into their training. The new color schemes will definitely add a benefit when blending into environments, and the multi directional pouches are going to be a huge hit.

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Blue Force Gear Debuted Updates to Classic Products at SHOT Show 2016