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2015's Top 4 New Fishing Rods [PICS]

Grandt Rods

Not many fishing companies can claim they have the best new fishing rods of 2015. 

Let's be clear about one thing: the quality of the rod that you choose to chase your favorite fish makes a big difference in how effective you can truly be while on the water. Every year, new rods hit the market and tend to shake up the fishing world by their designs, color patterns, durability, sensitivity, and style. The best new fishing rods for 2015 can change almost daily, but the following list is a fairly good place to start.

St. Croix Rods - Triumph X 

How can you go wrong with a name as iconic in the fishing industry as St. Croix Rods? The new 2015 Triumph X from Park Falls, Wisconsin definitely does not disappoint. The Triumph X comes in at a tremendous value  for the quality and craftsmanship that you can only get with a St. Croix. The custom appearance, split-grip handle, and famous St. Croix blanks might put this rod out of the price range of a less-than-casual fisherman, but at only $100, this is a rod that anyone can afford. There's a five-year warranty as well. This is probably the best entry level rod on the market.

Fishing Sport Show

Grandt Rods - Cuda Series

Grandt Rods has been making high quality rods for 32 years. As you can see, they have been the backbone behind the fishing industry for some time now. Breaking the mold from Grandt Rods for 2015 is the new Cuda Series. These rods feature a high tensile strength matched with high strain carbon fiber twill towards the rear section of the rod.

I have felt this difference first-hand and what you get is unmatched power backed up with incredible sensitivity. These rods also have a faster taper due to the construction which allows for faster line pick up speed and weightlessness you have to feel to believe. Coming in at $430, these are a higher end rod, but with an unconditional lifetime warranty, it will be one of the last rods you ever buy.

Brad Smith

Dunamis Rods - Ascension

Dunamis Rods are relatively new to the mainstream rod market. Each rod is hand-built, instead of machine manufactured like some rod makers. This allows for extra attention to the smallest of details creating a superior rod, one at time. The new 2015 Ascension rods are just now starting to make their way across the country and are available in semi custom designs by ordering online.This allows you to decide on the action, tip, handle color, and black foam or cork before the rod is even built, specifically for you.

For an average price of $159, you wouldn't believe there is an unconditional lifetime warranty, but there is. Not only that, if you don't like your rod for any reason, Dunamis Rods will buy it back from you. Now you see why this rod company made our list.

Facebook/Dunamis Rods

G Loomis Pro4x ShortStix

If you are looking for a small fly rod that allows you hit good distance, provide great backbone, and allows you to toss big-bodied flies, then the new 2015 Pro4x is the rod for you. Hailing from G Loomis, the name says enough that you know they are going to be high quality rods.

With a total rod length of only 7'6", they are great for smaller water, boats, or even flats. When mixed with fast taper lines, pretty great line speed can really let you get out there on a long cast. These rods come in 8wt to 12wt, meaning they are built for big fish. Coming in near $400, you won't be disappointed with this purchase.

G Loomis

With as many rod manufacturers that there are in America, besides the world, only picking four rod companies to represent the best there is for 2015 is a challenge. The Triumph X made the list based on quality and cost. The Cuda definitely belongs simply because of the innovation and applications possible with such a fine fishing tool. Dunamis definitely claims near the top due to their unimaginable warranty and extreme attention to detail. How can G Loomis not be there with such an innovative short fly rod that can do what it can do?

These rods are definitely enough to get you going come spring. And who knows? You may become a dedicated consumer for life.

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2015's Top 4 New Fishing Rods [PICS]