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2015's Best New Fishing Lures [PICS]

Spring has sprung and it is time to restock and load up that tackle box with quality lures.

One of the most intimidating things for anglers sometimes is walking down the aisles of a bait shop or looking online for something new. With the popularity of bass fishing on the rise, more companies are being developed and are pushing the envelope with progressive designs and technology.

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Check out this list to find out what is hot for 2015.

Rapala Shadow Rap

The long-awaited evolution of the jerkbait is finally here. It's no surprise that this lure got some heavy use during the Bassmaster Classic this year. It offers a variety of realistic colors and new ultra-realistic action in the water that is sure to hook a keeper. Also, there is a shallow and a deep option to vary your ability to toss this awesome lure.

Shadow Rap
Tackle Direct


Strike King 8XD

Sometimes you have to go deep! Strike King has elevated its crankbait selection with this massive deep diver. This will be a great choice for the summer when the lunkers head back to the deeper water.



Z-Man Project Z Chatterbait 

Sometimes, items need to be upgraded. Z-man has done just that with its classic design. The hooks, skirts and colors are all top notch and custom designed.

Angling Authority


Livingston Lures Howeller Dream Master Classic Plus

Livingston took the winning lure, made it bigger and more diverse. This mid-depth diving crank has a larger body than the original, weighing in at 5/8 ounces. Also, this lure is equipped with EBSMT (Electronic Batifish Sound Multi-Touch) Technology with offers four sounds that anglers can use to their advantage. This is next level stuff.



Yamamoto 4.5" Heart Tail Shad Swimbait

If Randy Howell and Brett Hite use them, then so should you. A household name, Yamamoto continues to push the natural limits and put fish in the boat. The heart tail is extremely versatile. It can be used as a trailer, texas rigged or carolina rigged. There really aren't any limitations with this one.

Fishing Tackle Retailer


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SPRO bbz-1 Rat

Walk the dog with the rat! The Spro BBZ1-rat offers an innovation on the top-water game. It's been said that big bait equal big fish. The BBZ-1 rat will give you the chance to entice monsters.

BBZ 1 rat
Angler's Arsenal


Rapala BX Waking Minnow

Ott Defoe tied this one on in the last period of a Major League Fishing tournament and cleaned up. This subtle wake bait offers a different top-water approach, which is sure to catch the attention of fish.

Rapala BX


Missile Jigs Ike's Mini Flip Jig

Before its release, Ike won the Delaware River Elite Series tournament with a prototype of this jig. It's been proven to fill the livewell. Take advantage of some professional research and development and get this jig into you tackle box.

Carolina Fishing Tackle


Sebile Action First Pivot Frog

Take your frog fishing game to the next level and order one of these. One of the most frustrating parts of fishing a frog is setting the hook too early and ripping the lure away from the fish. Sebile has worked on that for us. The Gravity Hook System allows for the hook to move from side to side. Along with a super-collapsible body, the hook up ratio is in your favor with this one.



Strike King KVD 8.0 Magnum

Go big, or go home. The square bill design is on a lot of decks during the bass season. This evolution of the KVD square bill will not only catch fish, but it will attract the kind to win tournaments.

KVD 8.0


Live Target Yearling Bait Ball

It doesn't get more realistic than this. The new yearling baitball design is sure to grab the attention of fish.



Blakemore Road Runner Randy's Swim Rollin' Runner

Since Casey Ashley racked up over 50 pounds on Lake Hartwell to win the Bassmaster Classic this year, bladed swim jig heads are going to be big this season. With influence from another Classic champion, Randy Howell, this jig is ready to be fished right out of the package.



Mann's Preacher Jig

A legend in competitive bass fishing, this re-release is gaining popularity. Hand-crafted with top-notch components, this lure needs to be in your lineup. Start a new chapter in your tactics with this storied design.

Fish and Game


Jackall Gantarel

It doesn't get more realistic than this swimbait. If you are fishing a body of water that has an abundance of bluegill or panfish, pick this lure up now. One nice feature is the optional trailer hook eye molded into the tail. There's no need to super glue extra hooks on this one.

Jackall Gantarel
Western Bass


Jackall Pompadour

Prepare to get loud and proud with this innovative topwater plug. You will have the full attention of any bass in the water if you are tossing this one. The Pompadour will move tons of water and make a heck of a lot of noise too. Wake up those lunkers!

Jackall Pompadour
Mo Tackle


These are the best new lures of 2015, but just filling your tackle box with them won't cut it. Start fishing with them now, and by the tim summer rolls around, you'll be catching more fish with the year's finest.

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2015's Best New Fishing Lures [PICS]