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The 2015 Season of ‘Facts of Fishing’ is Gonna Be Awesome [VIDEO]

The 2015 season of the television show, ‘Facts of Fishing,’ will have a little something for everyone.

Bass fisherman looking for awesome topwater action? Check. Fly fisherman wanting to see some great casts and some nice trout and salmon? Yep, it’s got that too.

Add to that, guest appearances by Mark Zona, Brandon Palaniuk, and the first lady of fly fishing April Vokey, and you’ve got the makings for one of the greatest fishing television shows ever made.

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Dave Mercer and the “Facts of Fishing” are from are some people you should definitely be following on Instagram. Mercer is one of the best out there when it comes to using a GoPro camera to get awesome fishing footage.

I don’t have cable, but after watching this video I may just have to get it so I can watch “Facts of Fishing” on the outdoor channel next year!

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The 2015 Season of ‘Facts of Fishing’ is Gonna Be Awesome [VIDEO]