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2015 Rut Predictions with Charles Alsheimer [VIDEO]

2015 Rut Predictions

The data for this year in and it looks like the stars are aligned for an amazing rut. Listen in as Charles Alsheimer goes through his 2015 rut predictions.

If you’re like most of us and have a limited number of days that you can commit to hunting all day, then you want to know all you can about the rut so that you can choose the best days. There is nothing worse than taking a day off work to hunt and then just watching squirrels all day.

Luckily for you, Charles Alsheimer, a wildlife photographer and whitetail rut consultant, has his annual report. He says that the stars have aligned and we are in for a synchronized rut this year.

So, there you have it. The last week of October and the first week of November are the times to be in your stands. It sounds like Alsheimer has really done his research and now that you’re here, obviously you have, too.

Now just make sure you get your practice in and you are in your stand and ready when the time comes.

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2015 Rut Predictions with Charles Alsheimer [VIDEO]