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2015 Moose Hunting Regulations Change in Colorado

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A 2014 fall hunting incident at Brainard Lake in Colorado gives cause for new moose hunting regulations.

A previous moose hunting accident at Brainard Lake last year caused a new hunting regulation to be imposed by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife for the 2015 hunting season.

On Sept. 6, 2014 a hunter killed a large bull moose on the southwest side of Brainard Lake. After being hit by an arrow from the bow hunter the moose ran over 200 yards before dying in front of people viewing wildlife.

It was a legal kill and deemed so by Parks and Wildlife officials. Although, the tourists were significantly rattled from seeing the moose killed and field dressed in that close proximity. After numerous complaints, Colorado Parks and Wildlife talked over the incident at its January meeting.

After a vote of 6-2 they enacted a new hunting regulation for the area. Under the new regulation moose hunters are barred from a quarter-mile radius from the highest water mark of the lake. This restriction stays in effect from the beginning of moose season until after the water gate is closed around Oct. 12.

This is to prevent future incidents of hunters colliding with park patrons who just come to watch the wildlife. Many visitors at the park are not even aware that hunting is allowed in the area. All in all, everyone viewed it as a fair compromise to hunters and park goers.

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2015 Moose Hunting Regulations Change in Colorado