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2015 Minnesota Deer Harvest Numbers Are Through the Roof

Great Lakes Bow Hunters

So far, the Minnesota deer harvest numbers are exceeding expectations. 

The first three days of the Minnesota firearms season for deer is producing some incredible harvest numbers. Smart regulations that have been put into place are starting to show the benefit of controlled hunts. The proof so far, is in the data.

68,401 deer have so far been registered by hunters in the state of Minnesota. With a total projection of 155,000 deer to be harvested during the 2015 season, they are well on their way to their goal.

“Hunters are seeing more deer this year as we continue to build deer populations across much of the state,” said Steve Merchant, wildlife populations and regulations program manager in the official Department of Natural Resources press release. “We’ve issued a conservative number of antlerless deer permits, and because of this, many hunters are seeing deer they can’t shoot. However, patience this year should translate to more harvest opportunities in the future.”

In all of 2014, deer harvest totals topped out at 139,000. As of now, Minnesota deer hunters are pacing above last year by 6.3 percent with a buck harvest up 8.5 percent at this time last year.

The reason for these drastic changes in deer numbers is due to the state of Minnesota regulating how many antlerless deer hunters are allowed to take. By allowing fewer tags on antlerless deer, more deer can populate.

With these changes, deer numbers are only going to grow for the state of Minnesota. Hopefully other white tail managers from other states are paying attention.


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2015 Minnesota Deer Harvest Numbers Are Through the Roof