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2015 Giant Texas Buck Facing Disqualification Due to Property Boundaries

Regardless of the final verdict, this giant Texas buck is a true trophy.

In 2015, Courtney Gehrmann tagged one of the largest bucks in Texas history. Stan Cook, an official scorer for Boone and Crockett, measured the impressive 12-pointer at 203 2/8 and netted 199 5/8 inches after deductions.

However, before this giant Texas buck can go in the records, the property in which it was taken is being carefully investigated by the powers that be inside the Boone and Crockett club.

The issue that has been raised is that a game-proof high fence borders the 6,400 acre free range hunting club that Gehrmann was hunting when she tagged her record breaking buck. Per the Boone and Crockett rules, “animals confined by artificial barriers, including escape-proof fenced enclosures, are not eligible because they are not considered to be ‘free ranging.'”

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Because the hunting property in question does have one side of it where free ranging deer movement is restricted, is that enough to disqualify this record?

“There have been cases where we have looked at ranches in Texas where perhaps ‘a side’ or something was fenced and we determined that the fencing that was present did not impede the overall deer movement to the point where it would be considered unfair chase,” said Justin Spring, assistant director of B&C’s records department in an interview.

“Each deer and ranch are evaluated case by case. We look at the area and what is fenced, why it is fenced and what the fence is cutting off. The determination the committee makes is are the deer (including fawns) able to come and go as they please without being impeded.”

Base on Spring’s statement, how do you think the verdict will go?


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2015 Giant Texas Buck Facing Disqualification Due to Property Boundaries