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2015 Forest Wood Cup Winner Cashes in with $500K Jackpot [VIDEO]


Angler Brad Knight reeled in 20 bass and took home the prize.

Brad Knight of Tennessee took first place last weekend at the annual Forest Wood Cup presented by Fishing League Worldwide (FLW). The four-day fishing competition on Lake Ouachita in Hot Springs, Arkansas ended last Sunday.

Knight’s sponsor, Powell Fishing Rods, posted this proud moment to their Facebook page.

Knight won the event with 20 bass totaling 51 pounds, 12 ounces. He beat out Ramie Colson, Jr. of Kentucky by only a 3-pound, 15-ounce difference.

While his competitors spent most of their time during the competition trying different areas of Lake Ouachita, Knight spent his entire four days in a 250-yard stretch of Big Blakely Creek that funneled into the lake.

“I just felt comfortable in there,” he told Fishing League Worldwide. “It looked like one of those typical deals back home where resident bass live but don’t get fished for all summer because everyone is fishing deep.”


While his first day was easy pickings on bass in the creek, the pressure soon grew as other competitors began to join him over the next few days. Increased boat traffic and pressure on the fish quickly took a toll on the area, but Knight stayed put.

“As the sun got higher those first two days, I would discover submerged logs, brush, and especially root wads that I couldn’t see until I got right over them,” explained Knight. “I would mark those objects on GPS so the next time through I could cast to them before getting on top of them, and that made a huge difference as the tournament went on.”

Knight didn’t think he was going to catch enough to win the tournament because most of his fish were small. He said they just seemed to keep replenishing themselves, though, as he came back for pass after pass.

“It was pretty amazing how I could fish a piece of wood, catch one off it, come back an hour later and catch another off it,” said Knight. “All week long I kept fishing the same targets over and over, and they kept producing.”

Knight said he was humbled “to add my name to the list of great champions that have won this cup before me.”

All photos via Fishing League Worldwide.

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2015 Forest Wood Cup Winner Cashes in with $500K Jackpot [VIDEO]