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2015 Extreme Huntress Contestants Need Your Votes!

The 2015 Extreme Huntress Competition is in the final stages of voting to see who will be on the show.

Since 2010, the Extreme Huntress Competition has put the spotlight on the female hunting contingency, and after a series of challenges and tests that are filmed and broadcast online, will award another winner later this year.

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The objective is to promote positive role models for females who want to participate in hunting, but for whatever reason, have resisted. By showing the benefits, opportunities and joy that a life spent hunting can award, the Extreme Huntress Competition and its organizers hope to encourage more sportsmen and women to preserve the outdoor heritage.

Contestants like Amanda Caldwell have set themselves apart from the rest, and are in the final running for a spot in the 2015 competition. 20 total contestants need your vote by June 1st.

Caldwell told us she’s “a small town girl from Montana and am just thrilled to be part of this competition. I grew up hunting public land and all of my hunts are DIY. We really live off the land, there isn’t anything better than 100% free range, lean organic meat!”

She’s successfully harvested deer, elk, bear, antelope, and plenty of small game over the years, and is a member of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the National Rifle Association.


“Hunting isn’t just something I do,” she mentions in her bio. “I live to hunt and I hunt to live.”

It’s really interesting to read all the contestants’ bios, and find out about these extremely strong women who have passion for their hunting lifestyle.
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The judges for the upcoming competition are Melissa Bachman, Brittany Boddington, Olivia Nalos Opre, and Larry Weishuhn, all recognizable and respected outdoor experts and personalities.

Voting wraps up this weekend, so either visit the Extreme Huntress voting page or the Facebook page, and pick your choice for the upcoming season of Extreme Huntress.

And be sure to keep up to date with the competition, as episodes of the show will be released later in the year.


Images via Amanda Caldwell/Extreme Huntress

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2015 Extreme Huntress Contestants Need Your Votes!