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2015 Compilation of Animal Attacks [VIDEO]

So you want to go on safari? Think you'll be safe from an animal attack atop an elephant in tiger territory?

Think again, and watch this animal attack compilation before you go.

The tiger attack, which occurs 27 seconds into the video, is one of the wildest things you'll ever see. It looks as if the group was hunting a problem tiger, more than likely in India where these types of interactions are on the decline, but still a real possibility.

The tiger was crouching in knee-high grass when the attack happened. You wouldn't think this large predator could hide so effectively in lush green grass. But you'd be wrong. The way this large cat jumps through the air, while being fired upon, is nothing short of amazing.

The second tiger attack more than likely resulted in death, and seemed to take place when either someone fell into the tiger's enclosure, or when a caretaker got himself cornered. It's a horrific attack.

The rest of the animal attacks were either bozos getting too close trying to get footage of wild animals, or people simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like the guy trying to enjoy a pleasant bike ride through the African Sahara.

Probably not the best place for a bike ride. Unless you have a machine gun mounted to the handlebars. Although that probably wouldn't even have helped this blindsided bicycler.

2015 has already been quite a year for animal attacks.

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2015 Compilation of Animal Attacks [VIDEO]