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2014 Sochi Olympic Biathlon Results

While America did not medal in the 2014 biathlon, the event remains an exciting part of the Olympic Games. Here are the 2014 Olympic biathlon results:

February 8

Men's Sprint 10 km

Gold: Ole Einar BJOERNDALEN of Norway: 24:33.5

Silver: Dominik LANDERTINGER of Austria: 24:34.8

Bronze: Jaroslav SOUKUP of Czech Republic: 24:39.2

February 9

Women's 7.5m Sprint

Gold: Anastasiya KUZMINA of Slovakia: 21:06.8

Silver: Olga VILUKHINA of Russia: 21:26.7

Bronze: Vita SEMERENKO of Ukraine: 21:28.5

February 10

Men's 12.5 km Pursuit

Gold: Martin FOURCADE of France: 33:48.6

Silver:Ondrej MORAVEC of Czech Republic: 34:02.7

Bronze:Jean Guillaume BEATRIX of France: 34:12.8

February 11

Women's 10 km Pursuit

Gold: Darya DOMRACHEVA of Belarus: 29:30.7

Silver: Tora BERGER of Norway: 30:08.3

Bronze: Teja GREGORIN of Slovakia: 30:12.7

February 13

Men's Individual 20 km

Gold: Martin FOURCADE of France: 49:31.7

Silver: Erik LESSER of Germany: 49:43.9

Bronze: Evgeniy GARANICHEV of Russia: 50:06.2

February 14

Women's Individual 15 km

Gold: Darya DOMRACHEVA of Belarus: 43:19.6

Silver: Selina GASPARIN of Switzerland: 44:35.3

Bronze: Nadezhda SKARDINO of Belarus: 44:57.8

February 17

Women's 12.5 km Mass Start


Darya DOMRACHEVA of Belarus

With a time of 35:25.6

Silver: Gabriela SOUKALOVA of Czech Republic: 35:45.8

Bronze: Tiril ECKHOFF of Norway: 35:52.9

February 18

Men's 15km Mass Start

Gold Emil Hegle SVENDSEN of Norway: 42:29.1

Silver Martin FOURCADE of France: 42:29.1

Bronze Ondrej MORAVEC of Czech Republic: 42:42.9

Closest Finish Possible in Men's 15km Mass Start Biathlon

February 19

Women's 2x6km and Men's 2x7.5km Mixed Relay

Gold Norway:f 1:09:17.0

Silver Czech Republic: 1:09:49.6

Bronze Italy: 1:10:15.2

February 21

Women's 4x6 km Relay

Gold Ukraine: 1:10:02.5

Silver Russia: 1:10:28.9

Bronze Norway: 1:10:40.1

February 22

Men's 4x7.5km Relay

Gold Russia: 1:12:15.9

Silver Germany: 1:12:19.4

Bronze Austria: 1:12:45.7

Although the U.S. did not medal in the biathlon this year, we still have a great deal to celebrate. Lowell Bailey of Lake Placid, New York recorded the best individual finish on February 13 for the Men's Individual 20 km event.

Missing only one shot out of twenty and finishing the course in 50:57.4 (less than a minute and a half behind the gold medalist, Fourcade and around fifty seconds behind the bronze medalist, Garanichev), Bailey finished eighth, making the US, while not one of the medalists, certainly a noteworthy competitor this year.

Norway, the powerful biathlon force of a country, now claims who some are calling the greatest Olympian ever. Ole Einar Bjoerndalen earned his record 13th Winter Olympic medal in Sochi, and has cemented his position in Olympic history. View video of his record-setting performance here.

Full biathlon recaps, videos, photos and stories can be found at


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2014 Sochi Olympic Biathlon Results