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2014 Ohio Pheasant Hunting Release Dates Announced

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Get ready bird hunters, pheasant release dates for Ohio have been announced. 

The Ohio Division of Wildlife (ODNR) will be releasing 15,000 pheasant at 27 wildlife areas around the state for hunters to pursue during the 2014 Ohio pheasant hunting season.

Ohio hunters who enjoy pheasant hunting will have no shortage of land and birds to hunt during the upcoming season. Pheasant releases are currently planned to occur on October 24th and October 31st prior to the two youth only small game hunting seasons. Those seasons will be open the weekends of October 25th-26th and November 1st-2nd.

During those weekends, any hunter under the age of 17 can hunt statewide for any small game species including pheasant and rabbit.

The regular Ohio pheasant hunting season will open on November 7th, and run through January 4th, 2015. The daily bag limit is two male (rooster) pheasant per day. It is not legal to harvest female (hen) pheasant in Ohio. Male pheasant have bright plumage on the head and neck region along with long tail feathers.

Legal shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset.

Additional releases are also scheduled for November 6th and November 14th with the final release coming on November 26th in order to improve hunting opportunities for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Ohio’s scheduled pheasant releases in 2014. Ohio Division of Natural Resources.

The ODNR is also asking Ohio hunters to fill out a brief survey about their experiences with the pheasant release program. The Ohio pheasant hunting release program has not changed much in its 25 years of existence and hunter feedback will help state biologists to improve the program for future hunting seasons.

“This will be the last year that pheasants will be released at the Dillon Wildlife Area in Muskingum County and Willard Wildlife Area in Huron County. The habitat at both areas is no longer suitable for grassland-dependent species such as the ring-necked pheasant,” according to the ODNR.

For more information on the upcoming releases, youth hunting areas, and the rules and regulations of the Ohio pheasant hunting season, click here.

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2014 Ohio Pheasant Hunting Release Dates Announced