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2014 New York Bear Hunting Results Are In [PICS]

Flickr/Bryan Wilkins

The New York bear hunting results for the 2014 season have been released.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has released the bear hunting results from the 2014 season.

The total bear harvest from the 2014 season was 1,628 black bears. The Southern Zone in the state saw a record number of bears taken with 1,110 harvested in the zone. This was an increase of 132 bears, or 13 percent, from the 2013 hunting season.

“With bear hunting areas expanded throughout upstate New York and a special early bear season in portions of the Catskills and western Hudson Valley, hunters had unprecedented opportunity to pursue black bears this year,” said DEC Commissioner Martens. “These were intentional management actions designed to limit bear population growth broadly and reduce the population in southeastern New York. We are pleased that hunters took advantage of the opportunities.”

New York bear hunting
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

The state’s Northern Zone also saw an increase in harvested bears with 518 being killed by hunters compared to 380 the year before.

The heaviest reported bear, according to the DEC, weighed in at 646 pounds. The department also noted that eight hunters were able to harvest two bears and that 24 bears that were tagged by wildlife officials were also taken. Several of the tagged bears were from other states including Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

For more detailed information on the 2014 New York bear hunting results, click here.

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2014 New York Bear Hunting Results Are In [PICS]