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The 2014 ICAST Best Hard Lure is a Rat [VIDEO]

Believe it or not, the ICAST Best Hard Lure went to a rat.

At the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Florida, the odds of a rat lure being awarded the Best Hard Lure distinction were stacked against SPRO.

But, they pulled out the unexpected with a victory in the category, with the BBZ-1 Rat bait. Check out these videos from thebbztv for more.

And here's that lure in action.

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Imagine that, a rat bait taking out the big boys of the hard lure category. Rumors say the BBZ-1 will be ready for shipping this fall.

That's the beauty of ICAST; it brings everyone to a level playing field and honors the best of the best.

Have you fished with a rat lure? Are you going to try the BBZ-1?

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The 2014 ICAST Best Hard Lure is a Rat [VIDEO]