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2,000 Hippos Set to Be Killed in Zambia

Over 2,000 hippos will be killed over the next five years in Zambia after the government decides to resurrect a culling plan they had earlier suspended.

The number seems drastic and the phrase sounds terrible. 2,000 hippos to die in Zambia. The worst part is that there isn't really any great logical reasons to do so.

Certain animal rights groups claim there is no solid scientific backing that would make the cull a necessary process. The cull is expected to be carried out by paying trophy hunters to harvest the animals. As you could imagine, it is going to draw a lot of eyeballs.

The government has put forward various reasons for the cull in the South Luangwa National Park. These include preventing anthrax, which hippos can spread, claims of overpopulation and of water levels too low to support both hippos and the other wildlife according to a New Scientist article.

Originally, the cull had been suspended on June 14 after numerous complaints and backlash was heard from animal groups. But after just a week, the cull was placed back into motion. After watching the video, it kind of makes you scratch your head. Is it really necessary?

Many will seek for answers and reasons that scientifically justify the importance and need of such a dramatic cull. The anthrax issue seems irrational because there is no current outbreak in the country. The water level issue seems ridiculous since the water level it higher than it has been in 5 years.

Seems strange that they are carrying through with the project. Time will tell, but we are sure this won't be the last you hear of this story.

Photo via New Scientist


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2,000 Hippos Set to Be Killed in Zambia