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200-Pound Catfish Blocked an Austrian Dam, Needed a Lift

Reddit via Imgur

The Danube River flowing through Austria is home to some interesting creatures, like this giant 200-pound catfish. 

Recently the story of a 7.4-foot, 200-pound catfish literally made waves on the Internet when it had to be lifted out of a hydroelectric dam.

You read that sentence right. The monster blocked an inlet in the dam and had to be removed. Do you remove a 7.4-foot catfish using plane, train, or automobile? Actually all you need is a heavy-duty crane, really.

Check out the scale of this beast compared to the building and the crane!

Reddit via Imgur
Reddit via Imgur

This catfish appears to be a wels catfish due to its flat, broad head and massive mouth. They are an introduced species to Europe, but have since flourished in the rivers.

They tend to live at least 50 years, which actually isn’t that surprising considering how big some of these monsters get. Wels catfish feast on ducks, pigeons, chickens, and humans. Only kidding about the human part, but this gigantic fish could easily swallow you whole!

The next time you find yourself in Austria and decide to go swimming in the Danube, consider the preciousness of your life very carefully.


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200-Pound Catfish Blocked an Austrian Dam, Needed a Lift