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North Carolina 200-Inch 22-Point Freak Buck Likely New All-Time Record

North Carolina Sportsman

This North Carolina hunter is headed for the record books with this 200-plus-inch monster buck.

Most would agree that persistence pays off, especially when it comes to taking trophy deer. Patrick Williams was rewarded for his patience this past November when he dropped a 22-point buck in Rockingham County, North Carolina.

According to an article in North Carolina Sportsman, the non-typical buck grossed 208 and 2/8 inches, netting 200 and 1/8 inches, likely elevating it to one of the top five non-typical bucks ever taken in the state.

“If it [The Buck] scores above 195 points, it will make the record book, and if it scores better than 197 2/8, it will rank as North Carolina No. 5 all-time non-typical,” reports the popular North State magazine.


To many in the Tarheel State, November means the rut, and Williams knew he needed to be spending time in the woods. He had spent nearly a decade prior letting small bucks walk on the property, with hopes of one day finding his way into the record books. The giant buck was no surprise to Williams, however. He had seen the mostly nocturnal bruiser on trail camera photos, but never during legal shooting hours.

“I knew that he was there, and I did my homework on him to try to get him where I wanted him” said Williams. “I went in, brushed up the blind, and got out fast. I didn’t want to mess him up before I got a chance to hunt him.”

Williams hunted smart, only sitting this particular spot when all things were right. That Sunday afternoon, the weather, and more importantly the wind, were just right for him to make his move on this buck.

To top things off, Williams proved that you don’t need to be high in the sky to take a trophy. Williams shot the buck with his .300 Win Mag from a ground blind placed only 75 yards away while the buck chased does through the thick undergrowth.

Williams’ smart hunting didn’t end with the squeeze of his trigger either. The veteran hunter wisely decided to leave the deer until morning after he found himself unsure of his shot. A sleepless night gone, the anxious hunter made his way back on the morning of Nov. 23 and began looking for the buck.  After failing to locate a decent blood trail, Williams switched to his optics, and quickly spotted the deer nearby.

“I was in awe. It is a deer of a lifetime for me.”

A 60-day drying period is all that stands between the Williams buck and infamy. For those of us looking for trophies like Williams, nothing can be sweeter than all of our hard work and persistence paying off.

Here’s to those looking to be inked into the record book, that you might be as lucky (and skillful) as was this North Carolina hunter!


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North Carolina 200-Inch 22-Point Freak Buck Likely New All-Time Record