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200 Disabled Veterans Honored with Fishing Trip in Massachusetts

Fox 25 Boston

Disabled veterans in Massachusetts are honored with annual fishing trip.

Kudos go out to Harvey's Salt Water Fishing Club in Quincy, Massachusetts. For the past 60 years, the group has been organizing an annual fishing trip for disabled veterans. The annual tradition was once again hosted on July 13th.

Many of the veterans look forward to this day and this fishing trip all year. For some, it's the only day of the year they'll leave the hospital grounds.

Boats were donated for the 60th Annual event by the Boston Harbor Lobstermen Association and were outfitted with everything the participants could need. Nurses and equipment were on board the boats to provide care for the veterans. In the case of an emergency, the gear and people necessary were readily available.

Thankfully, the weather was very cooperative for the group. In an interview with Fox 25, veteran Bob Fleming stated, "I can't think of a better day." Similarly, Owen Lyons, a navy veteran who spent a good portion of his life on the water agreed. "It's good to get back," Lyons told the station.

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200 Disabled Veterans Honored with Fishing Trip in Massachusetts