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20-Shot Highly Ornate Pinfire Revolver Will Leave You Breathless

20 shot pinfire revolver

This 20-shot revolver is from the middle 1800s. 

This high-capacity revolver is a weapon of beauty. Forgotten Weapons takes a close look at this 20-shot pinfire revolver.

“This is without a doubt the fanciest looking pinfire I’ve ever seen.”

Yep, that about covers it.

Many anti-gun politicians try to lead people to believe high-capacity firearms are a modern development and a much deadlier threat than the weapons of yore. Well, this video proves they are certainly wrong on both counts.

Ian from Forgotten Weapons got a chance to check out a highly ornate pinfire revolver from the middle 1800s. What this revolver held in capacity is mind-blowing, even in this modern day. It holds 20 rounds!

Using two barrels, this 20-shot pinfire revolver was set up to shoot 20 rounds without reloading. The modern Glock 17 pistol holds 17 rounds. Think about the 150+ year difference. If anything capacity, has decreased with 5- and 6-shot modern revolvers.

This video is certainly food for thought.


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20-Shot Highly Ornate Pinfire Revolver Will Leave You Breathless