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20 of the Most Realistic Fish Paintings You’ll Ever See [PICS]

While just about anyone can draw or paint a fish, few can capture the slippery swimmers with the accuracy and detail required for true realism.

The Beachside Resident
The Beachside Resident”

If you’re an angler who wants to showcase your passion for fishing in your home, you’re in luck. You can purchase these and many other paintings online, with prices ranging from 20 dollars to several thousand dollars.

Here are 20 of the most realistic fish paintings you’ll ever see:

1. Atlantic Salmon

David Miller Art

Artist David Miller creates original artwork of salmon, trout and other game fish. This Atlantic salmon is captured with oil on board.

2. Musky in the Reeds

Wild Wings

Experience wildlife art like never before with a 3D Lenticular print.

3. Log Hawg

Trepanier Originals

The beautiful painting by Cory Trepanier depicts Canadian fishing personality Bob Izumi fishing for his favorite species, the largemouth bass.

4. Out of the Cabbage

Gallery Art Direct

This beautiful acrylic muskie is a Mark Susinno original.

5. Exploring Smallmouth Bass

Wild Wings

What angler wouldn’t love this gorgeous 3D Lenticular print adorning their wall?

6. Plenty for All

F.W. Thomas

Artist Fred W. Thomas creates paintings of a variety of subjects, but he is best known for images of fish and wildlife.

7. Red Snapper

Diane Peebles

The 2000 Coastal Conservation Association stamp print by Diane Peebles beautifully captures a pair of red snapper.

8. Shark Attack

T. Dauria

The Atlantic Ocean is the main source of inspiration for the majority of Tom D’Auria’s paintings. The situation depicted in this painting may not be realistic, but its representation definitely is.

9. Trophy Crappie

Moose R Us

The handcrafted wood carving by Casey Edwards is the perfect addition to any angler’s home.

10. Feeding Largemouth Bass

Wild Wings

This hungry largemouth bass comes to life thanks to modern 3D Lenticular printing methods.

11. Cat Stealing the Fish

Art Experts Website

Eighteenth century Italian painter Giovanni Crivelli’s work has spawned many imitations.

12. Still Life with Fish in Basket and Anchor

Artists and Art

Belgian Artist Raoul Hynckes created highly-detailed, symbolically-charged still life paintings in the 1920s.

13. Golden Fly Tarpon

The Beachside Resident

Artist Don Ray is known for his stunning paintings of marine life, which incorporate the color, light, and motion of the many vistas he has encountered.

14. Goldfish

Oddity Central

Riusuke Fukahori’s goldfish are cast in a variety of vessels, from large sushi vessels to small bowls and even a hollow bamboo stick. They look so shockingly real, it’s hard to believe they started out as abstract color stains.

15. Speckled Trout

Texas Gulf Coast Fishing

The painting from the Don Ray Art Studio is available to download as a wallpaper.

16. Still Life of Fish

1st Art Gallery

This oil on canvas Gustave Joseph Cheret reproduction is available to hang on the walls of anglers and art lovers alike.

17. Mirror in the Dark

Nick Oneill Art

Nick Oneill’s second silver-leaf-based painting , the tarpon, is painted over the reflective leaf giving a very realistic flash to this beautiful fish.

18. Koi in Lillypond

Artist Rising

The mixed media work by artist McKenzie Rice beautifully captures koi in a lilly pond with relaxing shades of yellow, red and gray.

19. Vintage Fish Painting

This one’s a keeper! A great still-life of a successful salmon landing is always a good thing.

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20 of the Most Realistic Fish Paintings You’ll Ever See [PICS]