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20-Point Buck Shot in Wisconsin During Muzzleloader Season

This big Wisconsin buck was shot in the snow during muzzleloader season.

Late season can be much more predictable than the rut. Bucks quickly forget about does and soon start worrying when they’ll fill their bellies next. That being said, hunting over food sources can pay off big in the late season just like it did for this Iowa hunter.

Watch a 20 point buck shot with a muzzleloader over the snow.

If there’s something to be learned from this video, it would be to not be discouraged during the early and middle parts of the season. Opportunities for big bucks will arrive if the deer aren’t highly pressured and food is available.

Also kudos to the hunter for not taking the shot unless the buck came broadside. It’s easy to get caught up in the situation and make a less than marginal or unethical shot. The good karma gave the hunter another chance and he was able to cash in on the opportunity.


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20-Point Buck Shot in Wisconsin During Muzzleloader Season