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20 Greatest Fishing Fails in Less Than 5 Minutes, You’re Welcome

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Here’s 20 of the all-time greatest fishing fails to remind you that your bad day isn’t really all that bad.

Something that all angler’s have in common is the fact that strange stuff happens to us all while out on the water. The unthinkable, the bizarre and most unfortunate situations always seem to occur when you’re out there alone or when there isn’t a camera running.

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, these angler’s kept the camera’s rolling the whole time.

The truth is that fishing fails are just inevitable.

Just how many people would actually believe that a killer whale came up and ate a fish right off of your hook? Luck definitely wasn’t on their side.

Next time that you’re out on the water or by the lake, don’t forget to keep a camera rolling to catch any ridiculous(or embarrassing!) events that you experience.

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If you’re a GoPro owner, one of the best accessories that you can keep handy is the Sportsman Mount. Great for quickly attaching to fishing poles, this mount helps to film awesome angles and will tell the whole story of what really happened on your next fishing adventure.



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20 Greatest Fishing Fails in Less Than 5 Minutes, You’re Welcome