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20 Influential Women in the Outdoors World

There are countless influential women in the outdoors world, but here are 20 notable females making change and impacting the way we hunt and fish.

Though they often aren't recognized with the frequency and magnitude that their male counterparts receive, females have been at the forefront of the outdoors industry for a long time. Instead of being reduced to the female stereotypes of years past, these 20 women have pushed through the gender barriers and entered the outdoors world, one that is undeniably catered and marketed "for the boys."

Despite that fact, these women have placed themselves stop the female hunting and fishing mountain. In no particular order, here are the top 20 most influential women in the outdoors world:

Donna Carpenter


Donna is the president of Burton, a company specializing in the manufacture and distribution of outdoor clothing and snowboarding equipment.

Tiffany Lakosky


Partnered with her husband, Lee, Tiffany is a huge personality on the Outdoor Channel.  From engaging television to thoughtful articles, she is truly a popular and accessible female hunter.

Deborah Jo


Blogger, teacher, and avid fly fisher, Deborah Jo makes an effort to bring the sport she dearly loves to a wider audience, even taking on students via

Betty Bauman


Founder of Let's Go Fishing, Bauman was voted one of the Top Women in American Boating by Boat U.S. magazine and one of  the "Top 21 Most Influential Marine Industry Leaders for the 21st Century" by Boating Industry magazine.  Focused around Florida, her No-Yelling Guide To Fishing seminars have introduced multitudes of women to the world of fishing.

Eva Shockey


Daughter to pro hunter and TV personality Jim Shockey, Eva caught the outdoors bug at a young age. She's now appearing regularly on the "Outdoor Channel" and "Wild TV" traveling to promote her profession and encourage more females to take up outdoor sports.

Ann Krcik


Co-Founder of the Outdoor Industries Women's Coalition, which offers opportunities for networking, mentoring, and promoting among women within the Outdoor Industry.  She is also the recipient of the 2005 Pioneering Woman Award.

Barbara Sackman


Barbara has successfully killed 191 animals listed in the SCI record book including such unusual kills as the nile crocodile, polar bear, and bongo.

Maryann Sackman


Daughter-in-law to Barbara Sackman, Maryann has 93 trophies in the SCI record book, including the hippopotamus, African lion, and brown bear.

Caroline Pruitt


At only 14 years old, Pruitt already has 18 animals in the SCI record book and is well on her way to becoming an outdoor star.

Victoria Myer


Myer has 43 animals in the SCI record book, including such animals as the nyala and kudu.

Mary Cabela


Not only is she an accomplished hunter in her own right  claiming records for 211 animals killed, she is also part of the Cabela clan, known for its highly popular retail chain.

Brenda Valentine


Self titled the "First Lady of Hunting", Valentine is the national spokesperson for the National Wild Turkey Federation.

Vicki Cianciarulo


Cianciarulo is the award winning host of Archer's Choice with her husband, Ralph.  Not only did she once run her own archery shop, she has also taken the largest white tail deer killed by a female archer, scoring over 200!

Sheri Daye


Featured on Speargun Hunter via the Outdoor Channel, Daye has been a dedicated spear fisher for the last ten years and is a record-holder for her catch of a 179-pound tuna.  Moreover, she has won the Spearboard Open and the women's title for the National Freedive Spearfishing Tournament.

Nicole Jones Reeve


Outdoor Channel personality of Driven with Pat and Nicole, The Right To Hunt, and Pat and Nicole are Driven.

Bonnie McFerrin


Outdoor Channel personality of Legends of the Fall, McFerrin holds the state record for female archer in the state of Texas with her young buck from 2008.

Melissa Bachman


Not only is she an on-camera personality for Outdoor channel, she is also a producer and a director.  Though a viral photo of her standing over a killed lion in Africa received heavy fire from anti-hunters, she still maintains a professionalism as a hunting spokeswoman and continues to seek out the biggest game in the most exotic areas of the world.

Kandi Kisky


Partnered with her husband Don, Kisky is a devoted huntress and co-host of Whitetail Freaks.

Rachel Carson


Though she was not a hunter, Carson has deeply impacted our outdoor experience today.  Author of Silent Spring, Carson opened the public's eyes to the dangers of pesticides.   In so doing, she has saved countless lives, human and animal alike, and helped to preserve the nature we love so much.

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20 Influential Women in the Outdoors World