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20 Hunting Items Under $15 You Need to Have [PICS]

Hunting season is upon us; get ready with these bargain items, all under $20.

19. MOJO Outdoor's Camo Face Paint

You know you need your gun, your license. Ammo. You need a hat, coat, gloves and boots. But what else do you need while you’re out hunting?

These 20 items are all affordable and priced under $20. They’ll make you more comfortable in the woods, keep you prepared and warm, all without breaking the bank. So, don’t skip out on a little extra this season. It will be well worth the bit of money you spend on them.

Check out this slideshow for 20 bargain hunting items.

1. Energizer Headlamp

This headlamp from Energizer has an adjustable headband, different brightness options and a light that pivots, allowing you to shine it directly where you need it. It puts out 80 lumens, has a beam distance of 25 meters and will run for eight and half hours on high.

Available from Cabela’s for $14.99.

2. Fire Starter

This three pack of fire starters is a must have for any hunter or survivalist. Made from recycled wood and inert materials, they light in under one second and continue to burn even in rain, snow and sleet. They contain no toxic materials and are safe for people, pets and even to cook over.

Available from Cabela’s for $4.99.

3. Alaska Game Rolled Bags for Deer

These game bags are especially designed to keep your deer clean and safe from bugs, dirt and weather. Lightweight and durable, they’re easy to carry and easy to use. Made from strong, breathable, tear resistant and odor free plastic, these bags are even reusable.

Available from Bass Pro Shops for $13.99.

4. Hunter Stool

This hunting stool is the perfect companion to take into your blind. It’s foldable and easy to carry, weighing only 2 pounds. Made from durable, weatherproof fabric and a steel frame, you’ll never want to go hunting without it.

Available from Bass Pro Shops for $9.95.

5. Frogg Toggs DirDucks Emergency Poncho

This PVC-free poncho keeps you dry when it gets wet out. Made from breathable polypropylene, it has waterproof seams, is compact and light to carry. One size fits most.

Available from Gander Mountain for $6.99.

6. Primos Lil’ Shawty Deer Call

This grunt call from Primos is compact and simple to use. It’s adjustable and can be used to lure bucks or doe. It’s designed to be used with one hand so you don’t have to set down your gun or bow.

Available from Cabela’s for $10.99.

7. Hunter’s Specialties Gun Rest Knee Pad

This gun rest straps around your leg and allows you to rest your gun on your knees without fear of it slipping or falling. With your gun safely in place, your hands are free for calling in game. The elastic strap is adjustable and features a quick release.

Available from Bass Pro Shops for $14.99.

8. Outdoor Edge Carbide Knife Sharpener

This tungsten-carbide knife sharpener is easy to use and light to carry with you when you’re in the woods. Pull your knife through three to four times and your blade will be razor sharp and ready to skin just about anything.

Available from Cabela’s for $10.99.

9. Cabela’s Multitool

Cabela’s multitool is a must have for any outdoors man. Small and easy to carry, this multitool includes pliers, a knife, both Phillips and common screwdrivers, a saw, scissors and more. Made from stainless steel, it comes with a nylon sheath and measures 3 inches when it’s closed and 4 1/2 inches open.

Available from Cabela’s for $5.99.

10. Taso Essentials Monocular

This monocular is compact and lightweight, making it an affordable hunting companion. With 10 by 25 power and 25 feet close focus range, this monocular works well in any terrain. And with an exterior rubber coating, it gives you exceptional viewing regardless of the weather. It comes with a convenient carrying case and hand strap.

Available from Gander Mountain for $9.95.

11. Dead Down Wind Field Wash Cloths

These disposable wipes are great in the woods and field for eliminating odors. They use 3D broad spectrum odor controlling enzymes to keep all odors neutralized. This 20 pack of cloths is extra strong and won’t rip or tear while you wipe down.

Available from Bass Pro Shops for $7.99.

12. Howard Leight Airsoft Earplugs

These earplugs from Howard Leight are comfortable to wear with firm stems and a tapered shape. They feature soft flanges to help make a perfect seal and keep loud noises out. With a neck cord and carrying case, these are simple, yet effective ear protection. You get two pair at a great price.

Available from Cabela’s for $3.99.

13. Coghlan’s Magnesium Fire Starter

This fire starter by Coghlan’s is small, easy to carry and use and can literally save your life. Made from solid magnesium, this flint-sparker lights even when wet. Made in the USA, it measures in at 3/8 inch by 3 inches, so it fits in your pocket or bag without any trouble.

Available from Cabela’s for $7.99.

14. RedHead Game Tote Neck Loop

Keep your hands free when you’re small game hunting with this neck loop. With two transporting loops and a neoprene strap with a non-slip rubber backing, this is perfect for carrying fowl and other small game.

Available from Bass Pro Shops for $11.99.

15. Potable Aqua Water Treatment Tablets

These purification iodine tablets will help make contaminated water drinkable. One bottle with 50 tabs treats 25 quarts of water. Each tab takes 35 minutes to make water safe to drink.

Available from Bass Pro Shop for $10.99.

16. Adventure Medical Kit Ultralight Watertight First-Aid Kit

This first-aid kit has everything you need in an easy to carry waterproof bag. It only weighs 4 ounces, so it won’t drag you down while you’re tracking game. It contains just about everything you need in a first-aid kit, including bandages, medications, materials for wound management and tweezers.

Available from Cabela’s for $14.99.

17. Dexter Russel Cut and Gut Knife

This knife from Dexter Russel comes with a 5 inch high carbon steel blade and a textured, slip-resistant polypropylene handle. It’s made with Sani-Safe technology that keeps bacteria out.

Available from Cabela’s for $14.99.

18. Cabela’s 4-Fuction Survival Tool

Cabela’s got it right with this tool. A combination of whistle, compass, magnifying glass and thermometer, this comes on a 34 inch lanyard for easy carrying. It’s small, measuring at just over 3 by 1 inch, and light at 7 ounces, but don’t let that fool you. This little thing can be a lifesaver if you find yourself in a jam.

Available from Cabela’s for $10.99.

19. MOJO Outdoor’s Camo Face Paint

This face paint by MOJO comes with three roll-on tubes in brown, black and green. The paint rolls directly onto your skin, so there’s no mess on your fingers to clean up. It dries quickly and is odorless and hypoallergenic. Even though it’s smudgeproof, the paint wipes off easily with water or wet wipes.

Available from Cabela’s for $9.99.

20. Tactical Messenger Bag


This camo bag by Modern Warrior will hold all your hunting essentials and stay out of your way with its shoulder strap. It measures 17 by 10 by 3 inches and has multiple closures and pockets making sure everything stays where you put it.

Available from Amazon for $11.35.

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20 Hunting Items Under $15 You Need to Have [PICS]