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20 Hilarious Photos of Rednecks and Their Guns [PICS]

If one thing’s for sure about rednecks, they love their guns. Here are 20 photos of rednecks and their guns. 

Firebrand Progressives
Firebrand Progressives

They may find themselves the butt of plenty of jokes, but that doesn’t stop rednecks from walking to the beat of their own drum. Whether they’re out hunting or just posing for a family photo, when you find some rednecks, chances are their guns are nearby.

Check out these 20 hilarious photos of rednecks with their guns.

In Guns We Trust


The family that shoots together stays together.

Party On, Garth


This is one redneck who’s scary enough without the guns.

Open Carry and all the Fixin’s

Houston Chronicle

Barbecue is big business during a gun convention.

Bikes and Bullets

Team Jimmy Joe

The little girl looks a little too happy to be surrounded by ARs.

Merry Christmas from Georgia

Predator Masters Forum

You might be a redneck if…

Santa’s Packing


Bet Santa brings this family exactly what they ask him for.

It’s a Hard Knock Life

Memes Pictures

Redneck girls practically cut their teeth on their pistols.

Dueling Banjo

Team Jimmy Joe

Stay away from my rig!

All I Want for Christmas

Science Blogs

Visions of ARs danced in their heads.

Say Hello to the Hatfields

Nine Laughs

Or is it the McCoys?

Redneck Golf

Rusty + Jerianne + Wade

Just sit back and watch how many people ask Granny what she’s packing.

Polly Wants a Bayonette


And the winner for greatest redneck engagement photo of all time is…

Open Carry


No concealed carry permit? No problem!

With this Gun, I thee Wed


Giving new meaning to the term, “shotgun wedding.”

Party of 15



Smile, Bubba

Sass Brass n Bullets

Smile for the camera, Bubba and Skeeter!

Home Sweet Home

Firebrand Progressives

Get off our land!

How you doin’?

MMA Weekly

He’s sexy and he knows it!

Say Cheese

Popular Airsoft

How do you like these guns?

Make My Big Day

Team Jimmy Joe

She’s not about to let the groom get away.

14 Gun Racks That Don’t Look Legal, and One That’s Just Cool

Awkward Family Photos

If you liked that slide show, you’ll love this one!

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20 Hilarious Photos of Rednecks and Their Guns [PICS]