Top 20 Fishing Memes on the Internet

These fishing memes will make you crack up, and may even remind you of your own antics or habits.

Fishing and Internet memes are made for one another. This has led to a flood of funny pictures with great captions in every corner of the Web. As with fishing, some are keepers and some you should probably throw back.

Lucky for you, we've saved you the trouble and collected some keepers for your viewing pleasure.

Happy Birthday... I Hope

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Here we see the lifelong struggle of many anglers. If it is an ultimatum, I'm gonna miss her.

Fishing Like a Boss!

Photo via

Who needs a rod and reel when you have your trusty sidearm? Not this guy.

From One Boss to Another

Photo via quick meme

This snake proves he is a boss by showing everyone else how its done.

The Story of my Life

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Work requires 10 alarms with a couple of snooze buttons. For fishing, you're halfway dressed before the first alarm goes off.

Meteorologist, Friend or Foe?

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Maybe we should just call them "weather guesser" instead of meteorologist.

What do you Mean I Can't go Fishing?

Photo via BestFishingMemes

There is no feeling worse than having perfect weather and not being able to wet a line...

Promises are Meant to be Broken

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Except not being able to buy more gear.

Life Decisions

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Although, your current status can definitely affect what gear you can buy.

This Applies Directly to You

Photo via BestFishingMemes

When you get out there, nothing beats the excitement of that first bite.

Same Story Different Day

Photo via BestFishingMemes

After your buddy makes you wear a blindfold to go to his "secret spot" and you get skunked.

One fish to rule them all

Photo via

Truer words were never spoken.

One does not simply walk into Mordor unless...

Photo via

However, Boromir may have not have taken all situation into account.

The Fishing Expert

Photo via

We all know that one guy...

How they do it across the pond

Photo via

It is one thing to give a beer to your friends, but this is getting out of hand.

Give a Man a Fish

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Let's be honest, you were going to buy six-packs anyway.

Teach a Man to Fish

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Sometimes you go fishing and only catch a buzz.

Don't Teach a man to fish

Photo via quick meme

When in doubt, trust Ron Swanson.

Getting Skunked

Photo via BestFishingMemes

If you've got friends, it might be best if you just don't tell them you went fishing.

A Rough Night

Photo via BestFishingMemes

Sometimes tears, heartache and sleepless nights are your only reward.

A Bad Day Fishing...

Photo via quick meme

... Still beats a good day at work.


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