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20 Famous Hunters and Fishermen You Should Be Following On Instagram [PICS]

Follow these famous hunters and fishermen on Instagram to see some of the coolest outdoor photos on social media.  
Instagram/Brandon Palaniuk

If you’re not following these Instagram accounts, from famous bass fishermen, to photographers, to daughters of legendary hunters, you are missing out on some truly incredible photos.

View the slideshow to learn more about these hunters and fishermen.

Donnie Vincent (@Donnie_Vincent)

Instagram/Donnie Vincent

Donnie Vincent is a well-known hunter, T.V. host, and filmmaker. His Instagram account documents his adventures traveling the globe in pursuit of big game.

Justin Lucas (@Justinlucasbass)

Instagram/Justin Lucas

Justin Lucas is quickly making his mark on professional bass fishing in both the Bassmaster and FLW tours. Follow him to see the daily life of a professional angler.

Tyler Jordan (@TJ_Realtree)

Instagram/Tyler Jordan

When you are the son of Realtree founder Bill Jordan, you are bound to have some incredible hunting trips, and plenty of great photo opportunities. Tyler Jordan’s Instagram is filled with photos of his hunting adventures, and life around the Realtree brand.

Shaye Baker (@shayebaker)

Instagram/Shaye Baker

Shaye Baker made a name for himself on the FLW College fishing circuit and never looked back. He fishes the bassmaster opens and is also a staff writer for Bassmaster magazine.

Taylor Drury (@taylordrurydod)

Instagram/Taylor Drury

Taylor is the daughter of Drury Outdoors co-founder Mark Drury. Her Instagram page documents all of her trips hunting with the Drury Outdoors Team.

Jordan Lee (@Jleefishing)

Instagram/Jordan Lee

Bassmaster Classic qualifier and former college champion Jordan Lee is making a name for himself in the world of tournament bass fishing. If you like big bass or the University of Auburn then you’re sure to enjoy his Instagram account.

Nick Mundt (Nicksbiggame)

Instagram/Nick’s Big Game

As his Instagram name implies, Nick Mundt’s profile is all about big game.

Dave Mercer (@factsoffishing)

Instagram/Facts of Fishing

Dave Mercer is the host of the T.V. show Facts of Fishing and is also the emcee of the Bassmaster Elite series tournaments. He spends over 250 days a year on the water fishing, and he documents it all on his Instagram account.

Travis “T-Bone” Turner (@tboneoutdoors)

Instagram/Tbone Outdoors

As co-host of the Bone Collector T.V. show and Realtree Roadtrips, Travis “T-Bone” Turner gets plenty of chances to take great hunting photos.

Gerald Swindle (@geraldswindle)

Instagram/Gerald Swindle

Gerald Swindle is a triple threat when it comes to Instagram. He’s a professional bass angler, he is a co-host of a deer hunting T.V. show, and he’s hilarious. Follow him and you’ll see what we mean.

Under Armour Hunt (@UAHunt)

Instagram/UA Hunt

Although not just one person, the Under Armour Hunt Instagram account shows off the best of all the Under Armour Hunt staff members from Jason Aldean to Eva Shockey. Also, their account keeps you up to date on the latest Under Armour gear and promotions.

Jacob Wheeler (@Jacob_wheeler12)

Instagram/Jacob Wheeler 12

Jacob Wheeler has been seeing success on the water since he was a teenager and is also just starting to get into bowhunting.

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky (@thecrushtv)

Instagram/The Crush TV

Lee and Tiffany Lakosky of The Crush are probably the hunting industry’s most notable power couple.

Zack Birge (@Zbfishing)

Instagram/ZB Fishing

Zack Birge is less known than most of the others on this list, but that won’t last long. He can catch fish with the best of them and he’s got the Instagram photos to prove it.

Buck Commander (@BCBuckmen)

Instagram/ BC Buckmen

Similiar to the Under Armour Hunt page, Buck Commander shows you the best of all the Buck Commander buckmen, including Willie Robertson, Luke Bryan, and Adam Laroche.

Garrick Dixon (@garrickdixondesigns)

Instagram/Garrick Dixon Designs

Garrick Dixon is not a famous fisherman but he takes some incredible photos of famous fisherman that you do not want to miss.

Eva Shockey (@evashockey)

Instagram/Eva Shockey

Hunt, Love and Be Grateful.

Brent Ehrler (@brentehrlerfishing)

Instagram/Brent Ehrler Fishing

Tournament angler Brent Ehrler is sponsored by GoPro which means he’s got cameras in his boat to document every fish catch from every angle possible.

Brad Christian (@bradschristian)

Instagram/Brad S. Christian

Brad Christian is on the marketing staff at Mathews Archery, so not only does he get ample opportunities to hunt big game, he also is one of the first to get his hands on the latest that Mathew’s has to offer.

Brandon Palaniuk (@brandonpalaniuk)

Instagram/Brandon Palaniuk

Brandon is a 5x Bassmaster Classic Qualifier, 2x BASS Elite Champion, 2010 BASS Nation Champion…whew, what a resume.

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20 Famous Hunters and Fishermen You Should Be Following On Instagram [PICS]