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20 Beautiful Animals About to Go Extinct [PICS]

Daily Pakistan

At the rate we are going, these twenty animals about to go extinct are just the beginning. 


Every day it seems we hear another story about another animal that has been officially declared extinct somewhere in the world. The more humans seem to make progress, the more the wildlife of this planet seem to suffer the consequences.

The Daily Pakistan created a post that reflected beautiful pictures of animals about to go extinct, or at least highly endangered, that are found all over the world. When I stumbled upon these photos, it really stuck me in a way that I didn’t expect.

I’ve never bought into the whole global warming thing. In my opinion, the Earth warms and cools in cycles that we are just now starting to understand. However, the fact that there are more animals about to go extinct right now than at any other point in our modern history, well, that is eye-opening and something else altogether.

Human actions are louder than words and our actions are killing these animals in one way or another. If it isn’t deforestation or pollution, then it is due to over-hunting or over-fishing. In most of these regions where these animals are about to go extinct, very few laws are in place, and the laws that are there are barely enforced to protect these animals.

The following list shows 20 pictures of amazing animals. Be sure to pay attention to these photos and remember them. It may be the last time you ever see one of these animals again.

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Bearded vultures

These birds were destroyed in the last century due to fears of them attacking children and stealing livestock. There is an estimated population of 10,000 remaining in the Everest region, the Himalayas, and other mountainous regions of Europe and Asia.

Saiga Antelope

Due to loss of habitat and poaching, they estimate only a few thousand of these animals remain in the Eurasian steppe, including Dzungaria and other Mongolian regions.


The Olm is one of very few amphibians that survive in complete darkness, as well as living its entire life underwater. Due to pollution in Central and Southeastern Europe, very few remain.

Tree Kangaroo

Barley surviving in New Guinea and Queensland, their once vast population is now down to 1%.

Hooded seals

Only found in the North Atlantic, these seals can weigh up to 900 pounds. Poachers have taken their numbers to critical levels all for their blubber.


Only found in the Democratic Republic of Congo, they estimate 10,000 to 20,000 are alive today.


These crocodiles once dominated the Indian subcontinent. However, due to overfishing and pollution, it is estimated there are approximately 235 alive today.

Proboscis Monkey

Living only on the island of Borneo, these long nosed monkeys have had their numbers depleted by up to 50% due to loss of habitat in just the last 40 years.


Also known as the Mexican salamander, these little guys only inhabit several lakes in Central America, including Lake Xochimilco near Mexico City. In the last attempt to survey the population in 2013, none were found.

Irrawaddy Dolphins

Another victim of overfishing on the coastal areas of South and Southeast Asia, current estimates have these strange looking dolphins near 70 in the wild.

Coconut Crabs

Weighing close to 20 pounds, these giant grabs actually climb trees and crush coconuts with their massive claws, hence the name. Unfortunately, they are considered a delicacy and are being poached to near extinction.

Langur Chato

Another victim of deforestation, these tiny primates live in elevations of 13,000 feet plus in Asia.


One of only 4 sea cows in the Pacific Ocean, and only found the East Coast of Africa, they have been poached exclusively for their meat and oil to the point very few remain.

Snow Leopard

Living in high elevations around China, Pakistan, India, and Nepal human interaction is still impacting their numbers. Currently, it is estimated there are 5,000 left in the wild. Unfortunately, these leopards attack and kill farm animals so they are often killed on site by locals. Their fur is also valuable in local trade.

Gooty Spider

Found only in a small Indian forests of around 60 square miles, collectors from all over the world are paying up to $500 per spider to have one for their collection.


With only 2,500 left in the wild, these majestic animals have been poached to near extinction throughout Pakistan.


Found in southwestern Australia, these animals are considered to be very friendly. This is often considered to be the main reason for their critical status. One of the few animals whose decline in numbers isn’t directly related to humans, they often don’t run away when approached by danger.

Loris Elusive

Found only in Sri Lanka, this animal actually disappeared from 1939-2002. Since then, it has been spotted four times.


Found only in New Zealand, these are the worlds only flightless parrot due to their large fat bodies. A booming cat problem on the island has made them easy prey.

Sumatran orangutan

Only found in Borneo and Sumatra, these apes are considered the enemy of the palm oil industry and are killed on site. Orangutans are also captured and sold as pets throughout the world.

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