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3 Simple Late Summer Projects to Improve Your Deer Habitat

You need to get after these late summer projects for the sake of your deer habitat.

Face it, the dog days are stretching, almost too much at this point. If you’re in Texas, you know all too well that the heat will remain, and you can’t wait for the first cold snap that signals hunting season is upon us.

Just like the folks at Texas Trophy Hunters Association, we understand that while the days still seem long, there is no better time than now to take care of a few last-hour objectives that can really make a difference in your hunting success.

That’s why we teamed up with TTHA to come up with a short list of things you can check off and do relatively easily, and be that much better off when the season arrives.

By manipulating the land a bit and making any final preparations, you can set yourself up to drop the deer you’re targeting, fill the freezer, or harvest the biggest set of antlers in your county.

1. Plant a food plot

No, you actually don’t have to devote strictly springtime to planting a food plot. If you weren’t sure, check with manufacturer’s and their late summer blends, which basically do the work for you. If you’re gong the DIY route, find some brassicas, winter peas, or even trusty old alfalfa.

Alfalfa Field

2. Hinge cut by hand

Believe it or not, you don’t need a heavy duty chainsaw to create real differences in the quality of a bedding area, or even develop brand new ones, giving deer a spot to snooze in precisely the spot you want.

Using a hand saw and some extra elbow grease, take the teeth to the non-mast producing trees and aim for small, young individuals with 4 inches or less diameter.

Saw about three quarters of the way through the trunk, and push the top of the tree down to the ground. Not only cover but also new browse will be developed, as long as the cut wasn’t made too deep as to prevent future growth.

3. Prepare the game plan


General scouting and trail cam usage should go without saying, but you can absorb all the info n the world and still fail to deliver on your goals, How do you do that? By skipping over the creation of a plan.

Not that you can’t stay flexible, but any hunter in Texas or elsewhere can tell you that things come together better when you stick to your guns.

Know where your stands will be, understand the most common deer routes, and be in the right spot at the moments you know matter most.

Put these tasks on the to-do list, and make the most of the few remaining days of summer. Hunting season will be here before you know it.

For more on Texas Trophy Hunters Association and how you can become a member, go here, and remain committed to being a year-round hunter.



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3 Simple Late Summer Projects to Improve Your Deer Habitat