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2 Hogs With 3 Arrows: Who Says Archers Can Only Take One Shot?

2 Hogs With 3 Arrows- Who Says Archers Can Only Take One Shot?

This moral of this story is to keep shooting as long as you’ve got arrows and a clean shot at the animal. That’s how you get two hogs with three arrows.

One of the drawbacks of hunting with a bow is that it can be tough to take a rapid follow up shot. However, this hunter shows that it’s certainly possible if you’re on the ball, especially when hunting hogs. When all was said and done, he ended up getting two hogs with three arrows on this Texas hog hunt.

See if you can count how many hogs show up in that first group before he shoots.

Watch the video to see what I mean and learn how he did it.

Be advised: This video is pretty graphic and has some foul language in it.

You know it’s a great hunt when you run out of arrows!

That sort of thing does happen with hogs on occasion. After he shot that first hog, the rest of them probably didn’t realize what was going on, which is why they let their hunger get the best of them and came back after a couple of minutes. He was mentally and physically prepared to shoot again, which resulted in him tagging that really big sow with his second and third shots.

I’m not a big fan of the fact that they did not recover the first hog and did not try to butcher the second one for meat. However, I understand their concerns with the heat as well as the fact that they viewed this as more of an effort to help control Texas’ out of control hog population as opposed to a typical hunt.

In any case, they certainly did the landowners there a favor by removing those hogs from the population.

By the way, I counted 23 hogs in the group.

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2 Hogs With 3 Arrows: Who Says Archers Can Only Take One Shot?