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Strength in Numbers: 2 Grizzlies vs 7 Wolves [VIDEO]


These two unlucky grizzlies are confronted by a pack of seven wolves.

As two grizzlies are munching on a carcass, a pack of at least seven wolves comes up to interrupt their peaceful meal.


At some point, the whole pack of wolves teams up on one of the bears. He backs off quickly and without a fight. Smart bear.

The commentary from the tourists who were videotaping this rare occurrence are in disbelief as they watch this battle unravel.

“I guess it’s better to have strength in numbers…more teeth.”

We are left not knowing if the bear or the wolves won, but we’d be willing to bet the hungry wolves teamed up on the remaining bear too.

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Strength in Numbers: 2 Grizzlies vs 7 Wolves [VIDEO]