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2 Go-To Trout Spinners That the Fish Just Can't Leave Alone [PICS]

Images via Dave Lastarza

Everyone has their favorite trout lure or bait. The one you use almost always, or your secret weapon when nothing else will evoke a strike.

I have two go-to lures, and my hope is they make you a more successful trout fisherman.

First, you have to understand: I have a plethora of lures, spinners, fake bugs, worms, and wobblers. You name it, it's in my vest. There are some I have never even caught a fish on, but hey, ya never know, maybe one day.

That being said, I always find myself reaching for these individuals time and time again and they just plain catch fish when others won't.

Spinner #1

The first spinner I love to work with, in a creek or stream of any depth, is a quarter ounce Joe's Flies spinners. The ones that come with feather or hair trailers are the best. I like to have a variety of colors: gold, silver, green, and white, each with a different feather color.


We all know how finicky trout can be, and sometimes the difference between colors could mean catching fish or not.

These spinners retrieve phenomenally. No matter your speed, they spin consistently and smoothly, giving you maximum control.

Spinner #2

The second in my bag of tricks is no secret but gets overlooked more than you would think: spinners made for trout from Panther Martin. I use the tiniest size (1/32 oz.) up to the half-ounce.

These work especially well in small shallow streams where bigger, bulky lures simply won't do. Like those from Joe's Flies, these come in a variety of colors with different feathers and other enticing materials. It's a good idea to have a bunch of these in different colors and sizes to keep the fish enticed.


Whatever species of trout you are after, whether they are stocked or native, I would highly recommend giving these two types of spinners a try. Most days, these are the only two spinners putting trout on the stringer.

If you already use them, then you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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2 Go-To Trout Spinners That the Fish Just Can't Leave Alone [PICS]