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2 Alabama Anglers Accused of Cheating in Bass Fishing Tournament

The two anglers pictured above are facing charges for cheating in a bass fishing tournament.

According to WAFF, Gary Minor, Jr. and Robert Gillaspie are both accused of tampering with the Owl’s Fishing Tournament recently held on Lake Guntersville – the site of the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

The fishing pair allegedly caught the crop of bass they used to win the bass fishing tournament prior to the start of the contest.

Tournament officials learned about the cheating after the contest through an anonymous tip. Both men reportedly caught the bass before the tournament and transferred them to a live tank on their boat during the contest.

As you can imagine, the tournament’s officials are outraged.

“I just hope they and all these other people that even think about it think twice before they do it, because it’s going to ruin their lives,” said Jerry Nyman, the tournament director. “Not only from fishing, their family, their work; it’s going to affect all that.”

State fish and game officers charged both men with tampering with a sporting event. They were booked on Thursday in a local jail and later released on a $5,000 bond.

The men are barred from participating in any future fishing tournament.

And how much did the pair win? A mere $200.


Featured image via WAFF/WFT


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2 Alabama Anglers Accused of Cheating in Bass Fishing Tournament