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First Wolverine in North Dakota Since 1800s Shot in Cow Pasture

It's been a long time since there has been a wolverine in North Dakota.

In animal story that has a rather sad ending, it's been approximately 140 years since there has been a confirmed wolverine in North Dakota.

Coincidentally, a game camera caught a wolverine in north-central Montana about a month ago, and several experts expect this is the same one. Unfortunatley for North Dakota, this may the last one for a while.


Jared Hatter, a ranch hand near Alexander, North Dakota was out checking his cows when he came across a strange animal in the calving pasture. The cows had the animal circled, but worried the animal would attack the cows, he shot it.

According to the report, Stephanie Tucker, a furbearer biologist from North Dakota, will examine the carcass to attempt to gather more information from the wolverine.

North Dakota does not have an endangered species list for the state. Instead, they list the animals that are only on the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Therefore, Hatter will not face any charges.

Before everybody starts jumping his case, all the man was doing was protecting his cows. How could he have known it had been since before North Dakota was a state that a wolverine had stepped foot there?

All images by Facebook/Jared Hatter


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First Wolverine in North Dakota Since 1800s Shot in Cow Pasture