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1911 Concealed Carry Considerations from the Experts

Here are some very interesting 1911 concealed carry considerations and one unique drill you likely have never seen before.

Practically Tactical takes us to the range to discuss 1911 concealed carry considerations for this most iconic of American pistols.

A lot of guys avoid 1911 concealed carry (or using a 1911 for service duties) because of the need to disengage the manual safety. This should not deter you from carrying this renowned firearm, as like any gun you have to train, and train hard, for a quick present and accurate shooting in stressful situations.

The 1911 is designed to carry "cocked and locked," and as long as you build the muscle memory and skills with consistent range work it is a very good choice for carry duties. Like anything, your pistol of choice should be based on experience and training; go with what feels right for you, but don't discount the 1911 based on hearsay from others. The iconic 1911 pistol continues to be a great design, as long as you stick with a quality American gun maker.

Whatever works for you for carry duty is your choice, just make sure you train thoroughly, and if your very life depends on it why not invest in some professional training.

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1911 Concealed Carry Considerations from the Experts