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19-Pound Florida State Record Bass Caught and Released

Pictures via Florida Tournament Report

Unofficially, this would have shattered the current Florida state record bass.

In a story that you might have had to see to believe, Dave Ochs was pre-fishing for a tournament recently on Lake Kissimmee when he set hooks into what possibly could have been the largest bass ever caught in the state of Florida.

After trying unsuccessfully to fit the bass in his livewell, a quick picture later and the possible Florida state record bass was released. Nothing else remains but the story.

Speaking of the story, as Ochs said himself, he was fishing with a weightless Yamamoto Senko when the possible record hit.

After weighing the fish on the dial scale that Ochs kept in his boat, it needled out to 19.20 pounds. Quick measurements showed it had a length of 27 inches and an incredible girth of 24 inches.


According to the FWC's Florida Bass Weight Calculator, Ochs bass would have weighed anywhere from 14.6 to 19.4 pounds based on those length and girth measurements.

Unfortunately for Ochs, who also manages Lake Rosalie Bait and Tackle, had his fish fit in the livewell, and was registered on certified scales validating his dial scale, it would have eclipsed the former Florida state record bass of 17.27 pounds easily.

Regardless of the bass's actual weight, it is without question, a bass of a lifetime.

Pictures via Florida Tournament Report 

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19-Pound Florida State Record Bass Caught and Released