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The 19-Point Buck: A Rare Creature [VIDEO]

This news clip from Madison, Wis., tells the story of a hunter’s encounter with a 19-point buck.

While out hunting for deer in Wisconsin, a hunter came across two deer entangled in each other’s racks. One deer had nine points and the other had 10, hence the 19-point buck.

The hunter called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources for advice because he only held one tag, but they told him, “There’s no policy for this type of thing.”

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This news story was from a Nov. 23, 2010 broadcast by NBC 15 WMTV out of Madison, Wis.

How crazy was it that they found trail cam footage of the deer a couple of days before the hunter found them? Hard to imagine being stuck like that for hours on end.

That certainly is one way to get two bucks in one day. It must have been a little awkward calling the DNR to tell them one dead buck and a live buck were stuck together.

Even more awkward? How the hunter plans to mount this 19-point buck rack.

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The 19-Point Buck: A Rare Creature [VIDEO]