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19 CWD Cases Confirmed in Arkansas Last Week


Combined with the three previously confirmed animals, the total of CWD cases in Arkansas comes to 22. 

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission recently announced that of the samples taken in the last week, 18 deer and one elk had the disease. This is added to the three deer and one elk that were previously confirmed.

Of the 49 deer and elk samples taken, this number wasn't quite half of the tests in the area that was around 125,000 acres. THV11 reported that "the first animal in Arkansas confirmed to have CWD was a 2 1/2-year old elk," though elk do not count in the deer count.

While 260 deer and 18 elk have been sampled thus far, landowners continue to be helpful to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's sample areas.

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission Chief of Wildlife Management Brad Carner said, "This is not good news. We were hopeful that all positive samples would be contained within our focal area. That's obviously not the case...We're disappointed, but still focused on the job at hand."

If you notice any sick deer in the Arkansas area, please call 800-482-9262 or email information to [email protected]


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19 CWD Cases Confirmed in Arkansas Last Week