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1868 Schooner Shipwreck Found in Lake Ontario

Chicago Tribune

The wreck of a Canadian schooner was found in the deep waters of Lake Ontario off New York.

A team of underwater explorers announced that they have found the remains of a Canadian cargo ship that sank in rough water on the New York side of Lake Ontario in 1868.

The wreck of the Royal Albert was discovered by underwater researchers Jim Kennard, Roger Pawlowski and Roland Stevens in mid-June 2016 by using side-scan sonar. The Royal Albert is lying in deep water off Fair haven, NY.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Royal Albert was a 104-foot, two-masted schooner that was built in Oakville, Ontario in 1858. At the time the ship was sailing from Oswego, New York loaded for bear with some 285 tons of railroad iron bound for Toledo, Ohio.

It's said that rough weather caused the huge load to shift inside and begin to break apart the hull with the crew just making the lifeboat- all aboard survived.

Kennard said,  "It's essentially typical of how goods were being shipped and the kind of goods being shipped. The heavier commodities couldn't be shipped through the canals on canal boats."

Of the many wrecks discovered in Lake Ontario, this is the most recent to date. With fearless researchers like these on the job hopefully all the lost vessels will be accounted for in the future and alms can be made to the brave crews that didn't always make it back home.


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1868 Schooner Shipwreck Found in Lake Ontario