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Out-of-Comfort Zone Archery Practice: Here’s a 180-Yard Shot


Cam Hanes practices at 180 yards with his bow. Here’s why he does it. 

Bowhunting is difficult. Steadily making shots on hunts is much more difficult than on the range. Many factors come in to play. Although most shots will be taken under 40 yards, experienced shooters can confidently and accurately harvest animals at 70.

Even then, 180 yards sounds absurd.

Cam runs you through how he practices at distances up to 180 yards and why.

Simply put, Cam shoots at the incredible distance of 180 yards to push himself: it’s no different from pushing himself at the gym or when running. That way, when a 60-yard shot opens up on a bull elk, he is confident he can make the shot.

If you are able to dial in and keep good form at 180 yards, a 60-yard shot will feel like a walk in the park.

If you attempt this training, you might want to have a lot of extra arrows on hand!

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Out-of-Comfort Zone Archery Practice: Here’s a 180-Yard Shot