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18 Signs You Are an Old-School Hunter

Are you a hunter stuck in the ways of the past? See if you are an old-school hunter.

Have no fear, you are not alone and these 18 signs will show you if you are a member of our elite group of historical hunters.

18. We have a fond fascination with fine wooden long bows and recurve bows. 

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17. We look great in wool hunting clothes! 

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 16. High leather boots and L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoes are a regular wear of our hunting gear. 

L.L. Bean


15. Flannel shirts? Yep, that's us! 

Darvills Rare Prints


 14. We understand Ted Nugent's song "Fred Bear" for the archery legend who he wrote about. 

Fred Bear


13. Classic American made knives still find their way into the wilderness on our belts and in our packs. 

12. "Marbles" is a name that does not conjure images of round glass balls, but that of quality outdoors gear of yesteryear. 

Fort Myers Knife Club

11. Wool is not just a fabric, but a miracle gift from the almighty maker to keep us warm, even when wet. Who needs hot non-breathable synthetics anyway? 

10. Leather is the material of choice for knife sheaths, pistol holsters and rifle scabbards, not nylon or plastic. 

9. Heavy cotton duck canvas is our choice for back packs and shoulder bags. They are tough and take the abuse over the modern ones. 

8. Those old vintage cardboard shotgun shells are more than old ammunition, they are treasured collectors items from a time long gone. 

7. A hat is far more than a fashion statement, it is an honorable piece of backwoods gear that is more functional at times than fashionable but we are proud of it as it is a piece of us. 

Gone Funky


6. Old pattern vintage camouflage, such as the original Trebark camouflage and the U.S. G.I. woodland pattern camouflage, still have an active place in our hunting trips and are as effective now as they were a quarter century ago. 

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5. Guns are made of blue steel and fine wood stocks! 

4. Aluminum canteens still ride on our belts and not the Nalgene plastic spaceship varieties. 

3. We can use a map and compass and "dead reckoning" to travel the deepest wilderness with ease without the need for a G.P.S. unit. 



2. ATVs? We use our legs to get to the back country. 

1. Deer camp should be old log cabins or lean-tos, not the local fancy hotel. 

Skinny Moose

Welcome to the old-school hunter's club.

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18 Signs You Are an Old-School Hunter