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18 Signs You Are an Old-School Camper


Do you feel that your camping style is stuck in the past? You may just be an old-school camper. 

Join the club! Here are the 18 signs you are a brother or sister in the old-school camping tradition.

18. Tent camping is the way to go. Military surplus canvas tents are tough as nails and are still quite a deal. 

Army Navy Deals


17. We prefer old school tools in our packs for camping trips. They most likely outlasted their original users due to their hight quality.

Kevin CYR/ Blogspot


16. We look like we came out of the last century at our camp site. 



15. We know what a tear-drop camper is. 



14. Our sleeping bags look sad, but they are still warm inside after all of these years.

13. Cooking on a campfire is the only way it should be done. 

12. Freeze dried what?! Not for us! Try bacon and eggs!

There are two schools of campfire bacon


11. Wool blankets are still part of the camping gear. 

10. Military surplus, some over half a century old like our field jackets, are treasured tough friends that no camping trip would be complete without. 

9. Wool shirts (in plaid configurations) and pants rule the cold weather campsite. 

Roadside America


8. Water is boiled to purify, not filtered by hundred-dollar water purifiers.

7. No one will ever pry the cast iron cookware from our hands. 

6. There is nothing like paddling an old-school aluminum canoe down a river or on a lake. 



5. We enjoy firearms while camping and use them for protection, hunting and target shooting (where legal). 

4. No cell phones allowed! Turn it off.

Design of Signage


3. Hunting season is prime camping season for us. (For obvious reasons.)

2. No waters will remain unfished on our camping trip! 

1. Anything consumed out in the woods is a gourmet meal compared to the same thing back home, like peanut butter on bread. 

Are you ready to go camp out?

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18 Signs You Are an Old-School Camper