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18 Signs You Are an Old-School Angler

American Gallery

Fishing has come a long way in the last decade but many of us prefer the older time proven ways.

These 18 signs will show you are a fan of the old-school fishing experience.

18. Our fishing waders are made of rubber, not neoprene. 

17. Shoe Goo is our friend and can fix #18 when we get leaks.



16. Our chair is a five-gallon bucket, perfect for many uses.

15. Our boats are made of aluminum.

14. We know what a metal fish stringer is and still use them.

13. We read the water, no need for a fish finder here.

Old Lures


12. We still use rain jackets made of various plastic materials over the more expensive GORE-TEX materials. 

11. We are still fans of using worms, leeches, and minnows. Nothing like live bait!

10. We are still using quite vintage rods and reels though more "high-tech" ones are available. We are comfortable with what we have.

9. We have a past of using bent sewing pins as hooks, bolt nuts as sinkers, a piece of string and a springy sapling as fishing tackle. 

Canadian Museum of History


8. No fancy fishing gear or special vests here. Our old work clothes do just fine.

American Gallery


7. We collect old fishing lures to take us back to a simpler time.

Mr. Lurebox


6. We remember the years of the past with heavier catches and fear for the future as we catch less. We are the true conservationists of the waterways. 

5. Shore fishing is fine with us. No need for a million-dollar boat. 

4. If it's a deep lake or a puddle with a few creek chubs, we are fishing and we are happy. 

Fishing in a large puddle - Jay Wiechmann - June 26, 2009
Camp Phillip


3. We know the meaning of angler's values and we instill them in the next generation of anglers.

2. We were catch-and-release before it was fashionable. 

1. A bobber, a line, a hook, and a worm. 'Nough said! 

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18 Signs You Are an Old-School Angler