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18 Hunting Uses for Paracord You Need to Know [PICS]

hunting uses for paracord

If you like paracord you need to look into these these 18 hunting uses for paracord and start knotting today.

550 Paracord has become one of the most well-known and versatile outdoor and survival products. With its weight-to-strength ratio, it's understandable how it is one of the most useful products you can have in a survival scenario.

But aside from just carrying around spare rope how can you actually use paracord when out in the woods and hunting? Here are 18 of the many ways that you can put paracord to good use today.

1. Boot Laces

Using paracord as boot laces is not only a great way to ensure that your shoes stay on tight, it is a super easy way to make sure that you always have some paracord on you when out in the woods in case of an emergency.

2. A Paracord Net

Learning how to build a paracord net can help you out in a number of ways when hunting. You can use a net as a makeshift bag, as an emergency hammock, or even as a quick seat built between trees to hunt out of.

hunting uses for paracord
Survival Kit

3. Animal Retrieval

Whether you use the paracord to tie the feet together and carry, or just as a handle to attach to a tarp or sled for dragging, paracord can make the job of getting your game out of the woods much easier.

4. Hanging a Kill

No matter what kind of game you harvest, paracord can come in handy to clean it. Just find a nearby tree and you can use paracord to hoist your game up for easy cleaning.

5. A Knife Handle

Wrapping a knife handle in paracord is a great way to either add grip to an existing handle, or just create your own handle. You can even incorporate a pull loop at the end for quick easy access to the knife.

hunting uses for paracord
Mohr Custom Knives

6. Zipper Pulls

Face it, when you are hunting there are a lot of zippers you have to deal with. From your pants to your backpack, zippers are everywhere. This can get very frustrating, especially in the winter when you are wearing thick gloves. Adding a paracord zipper pull to all of these zippers can save you a ton of time and keep your fingers warm.

7. A Binocular Sling

Replacing your standard binocular sling with paracord is a great way to get some extra paracord out in the field and can make the sling sturdier than the stock one. You can pick your colors and length and then you are guaranteed to have a sling that is right for your binoculars.

8. A Makeshift Shooting Rest

This one is so simple it can be easily overlooked, but a short piece of paracord can make an excellent makeshift shooting rest. Simply tie the cord between two trees and pull as tight as possible. The line will have a slight amount of give to it but it will work plenty well enough to give you a usable shooting rest.

9. A Water Bottle Pouch

You should never head out into the woods without at least one full bottle of drinking water. Having a water bottle pouch is a great way to attach yours to the outside of your pack for easy transport and access. With paracord, you can make a koozie that is useful and looks good at the same time.

hunting uses for paracord
Knife Forums

10. Securing Gear to Your Pack

It can be as simple as tying a knot to your gear and your pack or you can go as complex as creating a paracord net and then using something like the Tribe One PackTach Set to attach it to your pack to expand the capacity. Either way, paracord works like a charm.

11. A Safety Vest

A safety vest is a hunting item that should never be overlooked, and with a little time and some blaze orange paracord you can make yourself a brand new safety vest that will get the job done when heading out into the hunting woods, and gives you a great supply of paracord in case of an emergency.

hunting uses for paracord

12. A Lighter Wrap

A lighter is something you should never head into the woods without as being able to start a fire is crucial for survival. Creating a paracord lighter wrap with an attachment point is a great way to ensure that you always have one attached to your pack, and the best part is that it takes up no extra space.

13. A Bow Grip

If you are tired of your current bow grip or just want to try something new, paracord can make a great bow grip. It is easy to hold on to and will do a great job of forming to your hand. Along these same lines, a wrist sling can also be made of paracord and is much easier to change out if you want to give your bow a new look every season.

hunting uses for paracord

14. A Temporary Blind

Very similar to the makeshift shooting rest, a piece of paracord tied tightly to two trees can make a good start to a temporary blind. All you need is cover branches and leaves, or even better a camouflage cloth to throw over the line, and you are ready to get hunting.

15. A Dog Collar or Leash

Man's best friend shouldn't miss out on the paracord fun. You can make each of your dogs their own paracord collar, and then make individual leashes or you can make one paracord dog leash with multiple leads if you prefer.

hunting uses for paracord

16. A Flashlight Handle

Adding a paracord handle to your favorite flashlight gives it a nice grip to hang on to and can also make it much easier to find in the dark. You can even wrap in in a glow-in-the-dark paracord to make sure you can always see it.

17. A Gun Sling

Everyone has their own favorite rifle sling; whether you replace it or just keep paracord in mind for the future it does make a great sling for any rifle, shotgun, or even a bow. Plus you can get around 100-feet of paracord in a gun sling, which is a lot of strong material to work with in a survival situation.

hunting uses for paracord

18. Pace Count Beads

Pace Count Beads can be made from a very small strip of paracord and can be essential in helping you locate game, or keep from getting lost while navigating the land. Best of all you can make one and then use it as a zipper pull.

Like I said, these are just a few of the many hunting uses for paracord. So get to experimenting and see what you can come up with today.

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18 Hunting Uses for Paracord You Need to Know [PICS]