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16 Things to Remember as You Look Towards Fall Turkey Season [PICS]


Whether you’re turkey hunting for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, you’ll want to check out these tips and strategies.

Learn a few new tricks, be prepared, and stay ahead of the game for the best turkey hunting season ever!

  1. Watch the colors of your hunting outfit – Stay away from red, black, white, and blue, as those are gobbler colors.
  2. When scouting out the safest calling spot, remember: open timber beats thick brush. It’s better to eliminate your movement as much as possible rather than be completely concealed.

  3. Always be on alert to the sounds of the wildlife. If they are silent, there may be another hunter in the vicinity.
  4. Don’t bring attention to yourself by making a lot of movement or sounds. Use your voice, loud and clear, to announce yourself to another hunter.
  5. Stalking isn’t safe! This leads to more than half of hunter’s accidents.

  6. The most common among American turkey hunters is the 12-gauge shotgun.
  7. For the youngsters and the ladies, a 20 gauge is great for shots within 30 yards.
  8. Bigger is better? A 10 gauge works like a charm but has a heckuva kick!
  9. Better safe than sorry with a three-shot repeater, either an autoloader or a pump, so you can be sure to get your bird.
  10. Make sure you have proper positioning of decoys; 45-degree angles on the opposite side of the turkey is best.
  11. Get up with the early bird so you have time to settle in or change plans if necessary.
  12. You can never have too many calls – choose from diaphragms, slates, and box calls.
  13. If your turkey shows interest, don’t be afraid to have  a little interaction by gobbling your own response to encourage the turkey’s interest.
  14. Patience is a virtue – sometimes the best kill is the last kill of the day.
  15. It’s important to be as close as possible before calling your turkey.
  16. The rhythm and cadence of your calls needs to be just right – Listen to the birds around you and try to mirror their cadence.
North American Turkey

Now, go get ’em!

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16 Things to Remember as You Look Towards Fall Turkey Season [PICS]